How Spirit Tees Works

Our goal is to support our communities through fundraising programs that are designed to be profitable. We believe in strong community relationships that help support our children, education and sports programs. People can shop online and buy your branded apparel while your organization earns profit.

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For Your Customer

How It Works

Your customer places an order

We process the sale. The order is sent to

us and straight to the fulfillment center.

We print the order on-demand

With our state-of-the-art printing process, we can print with the push of a button. 

We ship straight to the customer

With a quick turnaround, we ship straight to your customer, all under your brand. 

Fundraising Made Simple.

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We want all of your headaches. No more inventory, managing money, or shipping nightmares - Just a simple automated solution.

For Your School

How It Works

Build Your Store

We create your web store and work with

you to pick designs, colors, and garments. 

No Inventory

With no startup cost, you have more

designs, colors, and garment choices.

Processing Sales

Sales are processed online so we track

orders and your fundrasing amount. 


Print any design, any color, just about any garment at anytime, on-demand.


When an order is packed, your branding

is all over the packaging. 


From placing the order to printing and packaging, orders are shipped within days.

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